What is a creampie?

A cream pie is nothing more than an internal cumshot, where the guys in the movie shoots his load of cum inside the pussy of the woman. Its a pretty basic concept, nothing new here really, but for many years the adult entertainment industry didn't bring this enjoyable aspect to the creampie loving people around the world. For the longest time the cumshot in a movie would be blasted someplace on the womans body, either in her mouth or on her face or in the worst place.. across her back or belly.

Not to say a cumshot isn't fun to watch, I even enjoy facials and oral cumshots, but my prefference is the internal creampie. Put that seed where mother nature indended.. right inside a womans fertile pussy. Movies are a favorite and the action and intesity of seeing a hot chick take a load of cum up her snatch, then watching as she has to lay there and show it off is a blast to watch.

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